Bond Consulting Group is comprised of a talented team of experienced professionals. We have a solid team of Scientists and Engineers on staff (no freelancers), versed in a myriad of technological sectors, ready to serve you throughout the year. When we assign a consultant to your case, he or she will be well-positioned to understand your technology and business.

Julie Bond is one of the top SR&ED specialists in the country.

B.A in Astrophysics and Languages, University of Toronto
E.MBA from Rotman School of Business
Personally prepared or supervised well over 1000 SR&ED claims

SR&ED Analyst, Specialty Engineering, Applied Mathematics
P.Eng, PEO
B.A. Sc. Mechanical Engineering, 1997 University of Waterloo
This analyst is a Professional Engineer with 15+ years experience in industry. This analyst has a great deal of experience with software development as well.

SR&ED Analyst, Specialty Chemical Engineering, Environmental
B. Eng. Chemical Engineering, 2015, McGill University
This analyst has a background in renewable energy, and the oil and gas industry.

SR&ED Analyst, Specialty IT
B. Sc. Human Biology & Computer Science 2014, U of T St. G
This analyst has a background intechnology and software development

SR&ED Documentation Analyst, Specialty Biology, Business Management & English Literature
B. Sc. Honours Biology (Toxicology) & English Literature, 2011, University of Toronto
This member of our team is responsible for all of the documentation training, organization and audit prep

SR&ED Proofreader, Multi-lingual Correspondent
B.A. Languages, Certified English Teacher, Multilingual Translator/Interpreter
This member of the team assists with our French cases, and proofs all of our technical writing, to ensure high quality standards.