SR&ED Appeals

Has your SR&ED claim been denied and you don’t know what to do? Bond Consulting can help.

Your claim could have been deemed “ineligible” or “unsubstantiated”.  If “ineligible”, we will tell you if we agree with CRA, so that you don’t engage in a lengthy and futile battle. If “unsubstantiated”, we can help you find the evidence, and present the arguments that may lead to a reversal of your denial.

If your denial has already been sent in for processing at a taxation centre, you have no escalation options available any more. You can’t ask for a second administrative review, you can’t re-write your SR&ED claim, you can’t provide more evidence or arguments, and the SR&ED Reviewer will not meet you again on this case.  If you want the denial reversed, you must file an Appeal.

It’s important to understand what “appeals” really means. You are submitting a grievance to a body of the CRA; in other words, they are not exactly impartial.  This is CRA providing a second opinion on the findings of their own employees.

In order to be successful, we will need to articulate your rationale for eligibility very clearly. You also need to provide convincing evidence.  Bond Consulting can do this work for you.

We will start by reviewing the fundamentals of your case at no cost to establish that there may be eligibility. It is possible that your case was poorly presented due to a misunderstanding of the complexities of the program.

Bond Consulting Group will never recommend that you pursue a case with no hope of approval. However, if we feel that your case was unjustly denied, we will present you with a fair proposal and we will do everything within our power to win your appeal. Bond Consulting Group does not give up!

Don’t despair!  Even though you may not think it’s worth it to file an appeal, you MUST file an appeal if you want to have your case heard by the Tax Court of Canada.  Bond Consulting will advise you on your chances in Tax Court.

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