SR&ED Program for Biotech industry

SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) is a government program that rewards companies that perform R&D in Canada. The SR&ED program for the biotech industry is not a grant, but strangely enough, does actually behave like a grant. Traditional grants are pre-approved before work commences. SR&ED grants are retroactive and approved after the fiscal year-end of the corporation.

Most incorporated Biotech companies qualify for the SR&ED Tax Credit Program

SR&ED Claim for Biotech Industry

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you could be sitting on an untapped refund.

  • Is your company incorporated?
  • Do you practice in the field of biotechnology?
  • Does your technology involve the manipulation of cells, tissues, organs, or whole organisms?
  • Does your practice use technology to study proteins, DNA/RNA, and/or enzymes?
  • Does your technology involve gene-based therapeutics or pharmacogenomics?
  • Does your work advance a field of science, technology, or medicine?

SR&ED Eligibility for Biotech

There are only 3 criteria for eligibility plus evidence.

  • Scientific uncertainty
  • Scientific advancement
  • Systematic investigation
  • Scientific content and evidence
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