Don’t gamble
with your SR&ED

Bond Consulting Group is an award winning Canadian tax consulting firm. We offer the most comprehensive and sophisticated SR&ED solution in Canada.

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Don’t gamble with your SR&ED
Familiar with SR&ED

If you’re familiar with the SR&ED Program, chances are you have an opinion already. Many companies have had good experiences, or bad experiences, or both at various times in the past.

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New to SR&ED

The SR&ED Program is most certainly the most complicated program offered by CRA.  The legal fundamentals of the program haven’t changed much since the 90s, but interpretations have fluctuated wildly over the past decade. 

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SR&ED Pricing

Bond offers a unique pay-per-use model, that allows you to save on your consulting bill if you want to do some of the SR&ED preparation with your in-house resources.

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In addition to providing you with the best talent and experience in the industry, we will provide you with our revolutionary SR&ED Proof solution, the most sophisticated SR&ED evidence management system in Canada. We designed SR&ED Proof to ensure that our clients are collecting documentation in a format that is preferred by CRA, ie. the scientific method. Learn why we’re the best at what we do here.

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Understanding the SR&ED Process

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Bond Consulting - Client Testimonials

We made the mistake of leaving Bond Consulting Group once many years ago, thinking that we could save a bit of money. We’ll never make that mistake again. Our SR&ED claim was denied in full, it was an awful experience.   When it comes to dealing with CRA, Julie and her analysts never let us down, we know they’re experts and will fight to the end for us.   
Glen McCarthy, President, Labworks, Industrial Refrigeration Specialists

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