Bringing the SR&ED Program to the IT Industry

SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) is a government program that rewards companies that perform R&D in Canada. The program makes Canada a more economically competitive and technologically advanced nation, and it has been in existence since the 80’s. The Canadian incentive program is one of the most generous R&D programs in the world.

This is not a grant – you are entitled to this money under the Income Tax Act

Insights: SR&ED Claims in the IT Industry

There are many misconceptions about this area of SR&ED claims. Many claimants believe their work is eligible, because they feel that they have developed an advanced piece of software that solves business or real-life problems. Others feel that their software is “innovative” or “ingenius”. Just because you are developing software does not mean that you are advancing technology. Many software developers often find this difficult to accept.

As with most SR&ED claims, you will need to establish that you have technological problems, as opposed to technical problems. CRA may also take a narrow view of your work.

The Belize case is a good example of how far an IT company had to go to obtain an approval.

Standard software development, database development, business solutions, websites, are often ineligible. But your work could involve technological obstacles if presented properly to CRA.

Good examples of eligible work involve problems with encryption, compression, algorithms, logic, performance & quality issues, incompatability issues, bleeding-edge state-of-the art IT, combinations of media types, and more.

If you are not sure if your work eligible, talk to the experts from Bond Consulting Group

But how to get approved? Ask us.

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