Today we will explore the top 4 things each company should check every time they launch a project, product or new product iteration. These 4 simple things are easy to spot and are vital to identifying and maximizing a SR&ED claim.

S – Steadfast, keep SR&ED top of mind. A few moments spent during the early stages of development can go a long way towards capitalizing on a SR&ED claim.

R – Reflect every 3 months, look back at your progress. Track changes you have made and retain any documentation.

E – Evaluate if your documentation tells a story. Good SR&ED documentation should make it easier to fully appreciate what is happening with your project. If you shared your documentation with someone not involved in the project would they be able to tell what has happened?

D – Discuss your project, product or new product iteration with your Bond Consulting Group SR&ED analyst. They are uniquely qualified to answer any question and guide you through the SR&ED program with the backing of Canada’a most comprehensive and sophisticated SR&ED firm.

As always please reach out to Bond Consulting Group at (416) 503-4607 or with any feedback about the top 4 or anything else SR&ED related.

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