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Don’t get discouraged with your SR&ED Program
June 13, 2017
By: Administrator
All we do, is SR&ED. We’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The SR&ED Program is...
SR&ED Legal Analysis - The Life Choice Case
February 7, 2017
By: Administrator
SR&ED Legal Analysis – Life Choice Case On January 31st, 2017, the Honourable Justice Patrick...
SR&ED in the Food & Beverage Industry
October 16, 2016
By: Administrator
SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) is the largest and most important...
SR&ED within medical practices
April 17, 2016
By: Administrator
SR&ED is the largest and most important corporate tax incentive program in Canada. However, when...
SR&ED Program is going down
April 13, 2016
By: Administrator
Don’t get us wrong. We love the SR&ED program. But, the program has been going down over the...
Top 4 things to check with every new SR&ED project
February 19, 2016
By: Administrator
Today we will explore the top 4 things each company should check every time they launch a...
Legal Analysis - The Belize Case
February 8, 2016
By: Administrator
On October 27th, 2015, the Honorable Judge Diane Campbell of the Tax Court of Canada released her...
10 Questions to Ask before Hiring an SR&ED...
October 27, 2015
By: Administrator
10 Questions to Ask before Hiring an SR&ED Consultant SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental...
SR&ED – how do you really know if you’re...
September 17, 2015
By: Administrator
SR&ED stands for Scientific Research and Experimental Development. It’s the name for the...
Expert Perspective on Recent SR&ED Trends
August 12, 2015
By: Administrator
Composed by an SR&ED Expert Looking back over the past 10 years since I first started working on...


The FOUR criteria of the SR&ED Program

Date February 24, 2015 Author Administrator Categories News

You may have heard that there are three criteria to the SR&ED Program, but there are actually four! Technological uncertainty or obstacle; Technological advancement; Systematic InvestigationEven if...

Why is SR&ED so difficult?

Date February 12, 2015 Author Administrator Categories News

Why is SR&ED so difficult? The SR&ED program is probably the area of the Income Tax Act subject to the most speculation, interpretation and dispute. The SR&ED program has been around since the 80s....

Technical vs. Technological

Date December 1, 2014 Author Administrator Categories News

When it comes to the SR&ED program, there’s a raging debate about the difference in meaning between technical and technological. Why is this so important? Because if CRA finds that your project...

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